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Storm, Wind and Hail Damage

During the severe storms we experience in Georgia, shingles on a home can be seriously damaged and require repair or replacement. A roof should be examined for damage and as a homeowner, there are signs you can detect from the ground. Should you see any symptoms of storm damage, it is best to call a professional to get up on the roof and check carefully. After a big storm your roofing material may have become weakened but you might not know it right away since leaks may not show up until later. It can be even more challenging to determine the difference between a roof which has taken hail and wind damage from previous storms or if the roofing materials have simply deteriorated due to natural weathering. Also, some roofs may age prematurely or leak as a result of manufacturing defects or blemishes caused during construction. The HAAG certified roof inspectors at Friedman Construction are experts at analyzing residential roofing material for current of past disrepair as well as the cause. However, on your own you can do a visual assessment from the ground prior to contacting a professional inspector and decide for yourself if further investigation is needed.

 roof hail damage

Hail Damage Signs Assessment Checklist: Tips for Homeowners

What to look for: On an asphalt roof hail damage looks like bruise, small pit or dark spot where the roofing granules have fallen away. In some places on the shingles you may find cracking, tiny seam splits, or in case of high winds see that shingles are broken or missing. After tornado weather and our Georgia windstorms, shingles can be torn away completely. Cracks and missing shingles can result in leaking and water damage inside a residential home. This water damage can go between the walls or settle in an attic and lead to wood rotting or mold formation. Either of these can compromise the structural integrity of a roof and the house itself. Friedman Construction certified roof inspectors will check for small, unseen cracks and disintegration before the situation worsens and the price of repair or replacement costs worsens.

 roof wind fold damage

Wind Damage

While hail is the most easily visible result of storms, wind is an important factor to consider as well. Georgia experiences high winds on a regular basis, particularly in the spring and fall seasons. A major thunderstorm wind may cause considerable damage to a roof. Although sometimes invisible some damage resulting from excessively high winds can be quite easy to see. The force of a high wind during a thunderstorm can tear areas of shingles from a roof or drop tree branches on it. Be aware that shingles are made with a sealing strip between them to adhere them to the roof deck as well as protect the roof deck. During a thunderstorm with strong winds this seal may be broken or weakened and allow water to compromise the entire roofing system. This type of damage may not be visible but often leads to roof replacement. If you see missing or cracked, buckling or curling of the shingles, you may have wind damage. Pay particular attention to the perimeter edges of the roof and inspect for waves, uneven edges or bumps in the roofline where shingles may have lifted and then settled back down.

 roof wind tear

Interior Leaks

To the untrained eye, hail damage is not always visible from the ground and obvious signs may not be apparent. Loss of roofing material integrity does not always mean that a house will show immediate leaks but may cause a small crack which grows over time. Too often storm damage goes undetected until later when suddenly when leaking or other serious damage occurs. Friedman Construction roofing contractors are experienced professionals and can determine if a structure has had previous damage that was not caught immediately. Our team will get up on your roof and conduct a thorough hail damage assessment. Water stains anywhere on an interior ceiling is a sure sign of roof damage and should be attended to immediately before the situation worsens.


Metal Gutter and Downspout Dings

Look closely at the downspouts and sides of gutters for tiny dings. Metal gutters are often thin to the point where hail can easily cause dents and dongs. If gutter and downspout dents are evident, then there is a strong possibility of roof damage due to storms. You may also look at any deck or wooden surfaces for tiny dents or paint chips. In addition to your new roof, one of our Georgia Licensed Public Adjusters may be able to qualify you for an entirely new gutter system.


Granule and Mineral Deposits

Inspect the area around the base of the gutter downspouts. Hail impact on roofing shingles will degrades the shingle knock off the top granule coating. If a house has standard asphalt shingles, check around the downspouts for what will look like small stones. These stones are excessive granule buildup. They can also be found in the gutters. If you find buildup or an excessive amount there is strong chance there has been roof damage from a storm. Granules can indicate that a roof needs replacement due to age or natural weathering, so further investigation will be needed. Friedman Construction offers free evaluations to determine if a roof has simply aged or requires replacement due to strong weather.

A roof must be checked from on top of the structure and not solely from the ground. If any of these signs are evident from the ground, contact Friedman Construction at Inspection Request for a free residential roof inspection and assessment. We will respond within 24 hours and schedule an appointment at your convenience to carefully go over your roof and surrounding structures for storm damage. A professional consultant will then go over a thorough report and checklist of our findings with you as well as discuss any potential next steps.

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